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"Soul Food" is a Windows game that takes place in the real Hell's Kitchen as the soul of a sinful chef finds their self on the menu unless they beat the underworld's top culinary talent in a series of Chopped style cook-offs!

You will have a short time to cook a selection of ingredients at separate cooking stations that each require rhythm based minigames to maximize your meal score. Select an ingredient, move it to the highlighted station, then hit the notes just right to get the most points before moving to the next station. Each station has a unique take on typical rhythm gameplay, such as moving targets and different notes!

This prototype was created during My First Game Jam: Summer Edition 2016 and may continue development at a future time. Visit the dev log for a behind the scenes look!


How to play

This prototype implements 4 ingredients of Terror-yaki chicken (inspired by this recipe) and 2 cooking stations. You only need a mouse to play. The chicken can be dragged to the cutting board to start a rhythm game where you have to click the notes as they pass the yellow target. The target will move up to represent cutting the entire piece of chicken and your score will improve based on your accuracy. The other 3 ingredients can be poured into the mixing bowl by dragging each over, which creates a bar that fills up and turns green. Click the bar when it's green for an "accurate measurement" and the best points! As soon as you measure the last of the 3, another minigame will immediately start with notes moving down a spiral alley. Click the notes when they reach the arc-shaped target, which will move once, to get the best score. Whenever your sauce is mixed, you can move your chicken into the bowl to accumulate more points as it marinates. The prototype ends there for now, since the frying pan minigame didn't make it in yet. Also, pay attention to your chef, Mikoto, as they react to your cooking!

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